Indoor model plans Updated

By | October 2, 2019
indoor model 3d

A few people have asked me about my small indoor rc model as they like the slow nature and long flight times I achieve with it. It fits in well flying along side models like the Vapor. The model is based on a freeflight model called the hanger rat seen below.


Its is basically a balsa and tissue construction and small light weight rc components stuck on. The plan has been adapted slightly.

Building is very simple using balsa strip and reinforced with carbon. If you do not fancy the build then I am sure you could just use depron for the main flying surfaces.

For the rc components ( list below) I’ve just used ‘off the shelf’ servos, receiver, speed controller and motor. However some micro / nano receivers use different connectors to that of the servo’s. So my advise is to buy in a range of adapter plugs to re-solder the servo leads to fit the receiver you have bought. If you use the servos below then take note of the voltage. The speed controller will supply 5v to the receiver but the servos will need around 4.5 Volt’s. To reduce this I used a diode in between the speed controller and the receiver and this drops the volt by 0.7v, enough not to burn out the servos. ( I’ve done this for a number of models and it works fine)

Indoor rc preview plan

indoor rc plan

indoor model 3d

indoor model 3d

Download plan indoor rc model plan

RC components

10 gram motor  from Hobby King link

Ultra-Micro Digital Servo   link

Lemon 2.4Ghz DSM2 Compatible 6-Channel Super Light link

Speed Controller

6amp 2cell speed controller ( will need to change plug to suite receiver) link


200mha to 300 mha battery 2cell


***Connectors for servo/ speed controller to the lemon receiver***link

Carbon Rod 1m x 1.5mm link