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There’s a couple of things you need to know, or have been asking yourself before you make the commitment to taking up the sport. Below are a few areas which should help with your decision.The most important aid you can have in learning to fly is an instructor. It is not impossible to teach yourself, but unless you are exceptionally gifted, the process will inevitably result in many hours spent repairing broken models. An instructors guidance will not necessarily prevent the occasional accident, but will increase tenfold the chances of bringing your model home in one piece at the end of the day, and his experience will be invaluable in reducing the time required to reach a solo standard.

NADMAS have a number of instructors led by a training coordinator, who will generally assign trainees to an instructor, and keep track of an individuals progress, this helps the trainee to maintain a steady and consistent progress up to a safe solo standard and preparation for the BMFA achievement scheme ‘A’ certificate test.

All training carried out by NADMAS instructors is broadly based upon BMFA guidelines, and we have a number of examiners who can administer BMFA ‘A’ and ‘B’ tests for both Fixed Wing and Helicopter flyers. The BMFA have written great training guilds for all disciplines of model fly which can be downloaded free. Here

Membership Contact
If you are interested in joining NADMAS please contact Maurice

Further reading

  • British model flying association, the governing body for the sport ‘BMFA’ website https://bmfa.org
  • Bmfa Achievements schemes Here
  • Learning to fly, a 71 page documemnt from the BMFA on getting started ‘A flying Start’
  • RC groups is an online forum for everying model aircraft  Rcgroups