By | October 24, 2017
With the recent upsurge of interest in Helicopter flying, the possibility for conflict between
flying models has inevitably increased with consequent degradation of safety.
The committee would refer all members to appendix 1.4 of the NADMAS rule book page
18 &19. which sets out the circuit arrangements in force at present.
Some explanation of the arrangements for helicopters may be helpful and you will note
some small deviation from the present arrangements which will eventually be written into
the rules .
Helipad 1 is permitted to be used when either North / South or East / West runways are in
operation and should be used for close in low level ( Below 3 Metres ) hovering Practice
When fixed wing are using North /South runway,
Helipad 2 should be used for hovering and lazy eights.
If these are flown in a North /South orientation they should be offset to the North and must
not encroach into the bridleway no fly area, or be flown close to Helipad 1 if it is in use.
If flown in an East West orientation they must be flown beyond the Northern edge of the
East/West runway, be offset to the West, and must not encroach into the bridleway no fly
Helipad 3 can also be used with agreement of a pilot using Helipad 2, But only for low level
Hovering practice and low level lazy eight practice.
At no time should a helicopter flown from Helipad 3 move more than 30 metres to the East
of the pilot flying it or encroach upon the fixed wing pilot circuit area.
When East/West runway is in use by fixed wing…..
Helipad 4 should be used, Any lazy eights should be flown offset to the South and East of
the Helipad.
Helicopters flown from Helipad 4 should not fly more than 30 metres to the North of the
Any manoeuvres other than those outlined or above 3 metres will need to be flown from
the operational runway and pilot box in circuit along with the fixed wing traffic.
Due to the differing operational characteristics of Fixed and Rotary wing models
consideration must be given by exponents of both disciplines to their counterparts when
helicopters and fixed wing are in operation together.
PP NADMAS Committee