Membership 2023

By | December 1, 2022

Dear Nadmas member,

Please be aware that your NADMAS membership and BMFA insurance expire at 23:59 on 31st December 2022.

After that date, you should not fly unless both have been renewed.  The option to renew NADMAS membership is only available until 31 Jan 2023. After that date the subscription fee plus £10.00 joining fee applies.

NADMAS fees for 2023 will remain the same.  N.B. A Senior subscription applies if the person is 18 years of age or older on 01 Jan 2023.

NADMAS Fees:  Senior £60.00.  Family Partner £55.00.  Family Junior £10.00.  Junior £18.00.

Please note that due to a price increase from the Insurance supplier.

BMFA Fees:  Senior £42.00.  Junior £20.00. Family Partner £29.00.  Family Junior £15.00.  

The optional BMFA plastic membership and rewards card will be £4.50

NADMAS can arrange BMFA third party insurance, CAA Registration and NADMAS club subscription for members Payable direct to the club by bank transfer.

Please if you can renew your BMFA subscription and CAA Registration directly with the BMFA membership portal. if you are having difficulties with the Portal, NADMAS Membership Secretary can help if required.

If you wish to renew please respond by email stating that you accept the membership terms and conditions which are available on the Club Site  Rule book
Membership homepage here

CAA Registration           £10.00.  N.B  Check your Registration Document for expiry date and your eligibility for CAA renewal method below. If you registered directly with the CAA Registration.

The option is available for any member who registered with the CAA to do it through the BMFA from mid-January. Their CAA registration renewal will not start until their current registration expires. Registrations done through the BMFA do not expire until 17th February at the earliest.