Temporary Covid-19 Flying Site Rules

By | July 26, 2020

The committee have updated the current Rules effective from 27th July2020

NADMAS Temporary Covid-19 Flying Site Rules

Rules effective from 27 July 2020

1/ No Member should arrive at the flying site without having a pre-booked slot in their name.

2/ The Number of available Member slots will now be four.  (This is an increase of one from 3 to 4.)

3/ These will be identifiable by the naming convention A, B, C, D.

4/ Duration of timed Slots is to remain at 2 hours.  (No change.)

5/ Normally a maximum of 3 persons are permitted in the Pilot box and Maximum of 3 aircraft flying at any one time.

N.B. If training is taking place the number of persons in the vicinity of the pilot box may be increased to 4 with a maximum of 3 Aircraft by the inclusion of an instructor observing appropriate social distancing from their pupil and other pilots.

If 2 students are flying with 2 instructors, Only 2 Aircraft can be involved and the maximum of 4 persons appropriately socially distancing within the pilot box area still applies.

6/ Members may now pre-book 2 Slots on separate days per calendar week.

N.B. a calendar week is a period of 7 days Monday – Sunday.

7/ Pre-booked slots may only be booked a maximum of a week in advance, Booking available from 08:00.

For Example: Timed slots on Wednesday 05 August may be pre-booked no earlier than 08:00 Wednesday 29 July. Likewise, Saturday 08 August bookable from 08:00 Saturday 01 August.

Slots booked any earlier than this date / time interval will be deleted, and the member will be advised by email.

8/ Ad Hoc, on the Day booking availability.

If a timed slot has vacancies, i.e. one of the slots A, B, C, or D is not booked, then this empty slot may be booked by a member within 2 hours of the start of the slot. I.e. an empty 14:00 slot is bookable from 12:00 on the day.

This ad hoc booking can be in addition to the 2 pre-booked slots allowed within the same week.

N.B. However, In the circumstance that the member taking the ad hoc slot has a pre-booked slot that immediately follows on in time from the ad hoc slot, they are required to CANCEL the booking for the pre-booked following slot. This will allow the opportunity for another member to take up a flying slot they may previously not have had the opportunity to pre-book. However, if no other member then books the slot that is cancelled, then the member taking the ad hoc slot may remain on site.


Appropriate Social Distancing is always to be observed .

The word ‘Member’ refers to a maximum of 2 persons within a ‘Family Bubble’.

The word ‘Person(s)’ refers to separate individuals.

Issued by NADMAS Committee.