New Flight Restriction Zones (FRZ) from March 13th 2019

By | March 1, 2019


Following last weeks announcement from the DfT, regarding the introduction of extended Flight restriction Zones around protected aerodromes we have produced some guidance and template documentation for clubs to use when seeking permission. Please see attached. The documentation is also available to download do please contact me if you need any assistance seeking permission.

With regards to the changes to the ANO we have had a reasonable amount of correspondence asking whether this applies to conventional fixed wing aircraft or just “drones” (it applies to all small unmanned aircraft) also a number have asked what the position is with flying above 400′. 

So what has changed with these changes from 13th March?  Well actually not too much is the answer, in fact only 2 real changes.

1, If you are operating within one of the “Flight Restriction Zones” (FRZ) you must obtain permission from the relevant ATC unit. See the map at

2 If you are flying an over 7kg aircraft in controlled airspace (but outside a FRZ) you no longer need permission from ATC to fly up to 400’.

Since part way through 2018 all small unmanned aircraft, no matter whether fixed wing, powered, unpowered, helicopter or what the press refer to as a drone (multi-rotor) are restricted by the ANO to 400’, however through the efforts of the BMFA CEO an exemption was negotiated that permits BMFA members to fly above 400’ with sub 7kg conventional (fixed wing & helicopter) aircraft. This exemption is still in place and the CAA have indicated it will remain in place.