Indoor flying 2019-2020


Nadmas has been running RC Indoor flying to members for over 8 years and this area of the sport has seen a major growth at both nation and club level.

Indoor flying has the advantage that both beginner and experienced flyers can enjoy together. In fact Nadmas encourages beginners to come along as not only you can meet new people but learn to fly in a safe environment.


Nadmas has held its annual indoor event across various venues. We current have access to a large indoor hall at St Barts School in central Newbury. We only charge a small amount to help cover costs.

At each indoor event we normally have around 15 people flying. This is a great social gathering and very enjoyable during the winter months. We will run timed slots during busy periods to separate the super light models with the faster heavier ones.

indoor flying, newbury st Barts school,

indoor flying

So why has it become so popular? Well; over the last few years the advances in small light weight radio equipment is readily available at a very affordable cost. Receivers the size of a thumb and servos that weight next to nothing. There is a huge amounts of information on the web with advice and free plans for builders. Below is a list of links to help you get started.e3-vapor-06

Please visit our gallery page for further photos of our indoor events and keep checking the news page with current updates.

E-Flite  Manufacture a range of ultra small models for indoor flying, Search for E-flite UMX or check out this web page here



Micron Rc supply a full range of kits and rc supplies for micro rc models. They do a great range of model from Stevens Micro kits Here


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Micron Radio Control  link

Micron R/C specialists in radio control components, kits and accessories for micro models

Brc hobbies link

We supply the model aircraft enthusiast with the latest in Model Aircraft , parts and accessories

Carbon material


RC Groups link

web forum with access to anything model related